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¿What are the best glasses to wear for my headshot?

There goes another hour every time I try on every pair in the store to find the right style. While they enhance your persona and, of course, are used for a practical reason like sight. There are few matters I have to address at the shoot.

Transitional Glasses

I just happened to order my first pair of transitional glasses, and now I don't have to carry another pair of sunglasses! If we are outdoors on the day of your shoot, I approach this in a couple of ways. I'll bring an empty case so you can place them in until they clear up. Then, I'll quickly ask you to put them on for a few shots. This can be a little time-consuming, but sometimes it helps you think about anything other than your tired cheeks from smiling.

Another option is Photoshop! I'll blend your eyes right into the frames. We would take various shots with and without glasses, and with much luck and skill, we will get the right look for you!


¿No Anti-Glare?

Indoors or outdoors, glare can keep your clients from seeing your eyes. Following the same steps above will help in completely eliminating the glare. Photoshop is my friend at this point. I typically shoot in the shade, and if I can avoid an angle with glare, I will. If shooting indoors, it's all about controlling light. If possible, I will spend a little more time making those adjustments.



Depending on the angle of the shot, thicker glasses can create a void at the sides of your eyes within the glasses, resulting in a minification of the eyes and making them appear smaller and narrower. If I notice this happening, I will do the on and off trick or simply take your eyes and fill the frame with Photoshop. Larger glasses tend to create this effect more, so progressive smaller glasses aren't a problem.


¿So what are the best glasses to wear for your photoshoot? The answer is simple: yours. Of course, having anti-glare, no transitional effect, or glasses with no minification is great to have, but I'll work around that with and for you. Glasses can complete an outfit and add to your personal brand, so bring out the fashionista in you.


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