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¡Groom Groom Grooom for your headshot!

Groom for your headshot like it's your first date!

No to frighten you but my camera will show every pore if we get close enough.

Attach yourself to a mirror and hit these highlights:

  • Floss

  • Check the nose

  • Eyebrows

  • Ears

  • HairDo

  • ¿Have a Beard? Check


Been at this a long time which means sometimes I've missed some spinach or dill in the teeth!

​Check the nose

Trim away! I will trim away digitally but let's help each other out and make that adjustment at home.


They may be your furry identity! Have your barber or stylist tidy them up the way you like them!


Yep, I'm pushing 50 and I've got work to do there too! Let's get that barber or stylist to take care of this too if you can't do it at home.


3-5 days before your headshot visit your barber or stylist to prep that beauty.

¿AquaNET anyone? If we are out in the unpredictable outdoors might consider some holding spray.

¿Have a beard?

Looking for the grizzzzly cool pirate look? You can skip this part. If not you can add this to your barber or stylist list too!


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